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About Featurpiece

We are a family run business situated in Omagh, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Our Beginnings

We initially opened our doors in 2001 primiarily selling handpainted art and selected giftware items. Although successful we always had to outsource any framing requirements. This took away some creative & quality control with our products, with this in mind we invested in proper training, equipment and opened our own framing workshop. The original plan to only frame our own work, however, this quickly grew into something else, now having full control over our products opened other opportunies within the framing area. Eventually the framing side of the business became our focus and resulted in who we are today.....


Emma has also expanded the giftware range to included several ranges of jewellery (Equlibrium), Himalayan salt items, clothing & accessories all of which have proved quite popular. The majority of our accessories are from EarthSquared, after meeting the company owners & listening to their inspiring story of how they changed the lives of numerous people we bought into the idea of fair trade products and have been stocking their items for several years.

We welcome anyone to come in for a look around.